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With a new month, comes a new attitude!

With March 1st gone I have realized that it is time for a change! My fashion new years resolution has been on and off again, so I think I need to stick with it.  I will try to step up my style and come into my own. I’m going to try to convince my mother to let me get a tattoo, and maybe another piercing as well! I have been looking through alooot of pictures and but I have yet to take that step and integrate it into my own wardrobe. I don’t really know whats stopping me, I guess it’s just I’m not confident enough in my style chooses. But I promise fashion followers that I will try to take that step and pump up the style 🙂 Heres some of the fashion I’m going to try to make my own !

This look kind of reminds me of Lady Gaga when she’s just lounging around the house !

Love the blonde hair, maybe I’ll try to go blonde again .. I envy you true blondes !! hehe 🙂

Light Bright ! Seems like a very good summer-ie look 🙂


Magazines overload, hours looking through loobook.nu ..

There is no doubt that I’m quite obsessed with fashion. My bookshelves are mostly filled with magazines, or biographies on fashion designers, or just books about fashion. I can’t get enough of how other people put outfits together and so I spend most of my time just looking at photos, trying to turn it into my own. So I would like to show you some of my favourites that I have found just today alone! Mostly from lookbook.nu which I absolutely love : )

Love this background and I want to make a wall in my room look like this !

If you see your photo I will gladly change the link to your blog : )

Black is the New Black ..

Almost every season I hear this is the new black, and I must say I’m quite sick of it. I don’t wear a lot of black as I find it plain, and I don’t think it looks that great either. As I was looking through the Vera Wang Fashion Show I saw nothing BUT black.. and although some of the outfits very pretty I was disappointed to see there wasn’t an outfit where I was like WOW! thats amazing!! So I’m kind of on the fence for this collection .. we’ll see if any upcoming can grab my attention!

These were some of my favourite looks although I don’t really see them to be anything thhattt special .. Hopefully other designers can step it up 🙂

My Inspirations !

Usually I find pictures from fashion magazines, or other peoples blogs, or sometimes people’s artwork. I thought I’d share some of my favourite inspirational pictures/artworks.

I’m a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, and I can’t wait for the new movie with Johnny Depp ! Ahhh : )

I love seeing peoples rooms and just taking that and incorporating that into my style! I usually look through my twitter, lookbook.nu, google, other peoples blog or even a gallery to find different style and techniques to develop my style for fashion and also my art! I like to take about 3 hours out of my weekends to do this! So I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Look out Barbie, brunette Barbie is taking your place!

Since this Wednesday is my school semi-formal, I obviously have to wait till the last-minute to go find shoes! (if you don’t know me I tend to procrastinate a lot!) So I go to the mall near me to try to find some shoes! Before I go shopping I usually have a very specific idea of what I want and tonight I decided I wanted hot pink pumps to go with my silver dress! Well, since about 150 other girls have cleaned out all the good shoes, there was slim pickings. But! I found some beautiful hot pink pumps just what I was looking for! “Ahh yess!” I thought, I was so excited but when I asked the sales woman for my size my smile was wiped off. They only had size 5 1/2 and I can sometimes fit into a 6 so I try this size on. Tight isn’t even the right word for how constricting and painful these shoes were for my toes but they were so pretty! So what did I choose, beauty and pain or plain and comfortable? I chose the painfully beautiful shoes, as many fashion lovers will tell you “beauty is pain!” These 5″ heels are going to be the heels of death but I wouldn’t trade them for anything 🙂 !

By the way, these shoes are like life-size Barbie shoes hence the title! (:

You’re really wearing that .. ?

While in art class today we were asked what kind of art we really hate? Well since this is a fashion blog I thought I’d throw the question out to others! What fashion trends or fashion in general do you really hate?! As you can tell from yesterdays post I don’t like the normal, usual fashion found in the preppy stores. We get it, you like labels!

But I also extremely dislike the trend of leg and arm warmers to an extent! I can stand this fashion if worn right, but if its the classic red and black stripped arm warmers with skulls and crossbones .. don’t even get me started!

Another trend I find hideous is the .. FULL LENGTH FUR COATS !! I don’t wear fur, leather, suede, anything from nature because I’m actually vegetarian becoming vegan! But I don’t like these fur coats just for this reason but also, because I find that its worn by pompous women who think they’re all that and a bag of chips! (No offense to anyone who likes these coats, this is just what I think!)

Another trend/fashion that I don’t enjoy seeing or wearing is the blankets worn as a fashion piece! I usually love Mary Kate and Ashley’s fashions but this one I just never liked. It bothers me, it reminds me of a little kid bringing their favourite blankie everywhere..

The last trend I really don’t like for guys would be the scarves. I admit when worn right it looks fine but this guy I go to school with ruined all hope! He wears scarves like a bandit! Why would you want to look like your going to rob a bank almost everyday? So these are just some of my pet peeves for fashion ! 

What kind of fashions don’t you guys like? Comment up and tell me : )

Only buy what you can afford !

My other blogs were about my thought on other people fashions, I decided to create a more personal post for my thoughts of fashion. After watching Confessions of a Shopaholic I was inspired! I think most of us wish we could dress like the stars, have money be no object, and be able to buy that new Yves Saint Laurent dress and spend money like its nobody’s business. But not many of us have that kind of luxury. My dad said once that you should only buy what you can afford and at the time it didn’t like that great of advice. So what people tell me that all the time! But once I got a job and starting spending my own money on, mostly clothes, I realized that what he said was very wise. I could have very easily been wrapped up into getting credit cards, spending money on clothes I thought I needed and digging myself into debt, but at a young age I realized that just because it has a brand name on it doesn’t mean I have to have it. I find that now many teenagers in my school only buy the brand names, because brand names are somehow associated with better and I completely disagree. Fashion is not about prices or labels but being unique and different, not the mannequins from Abercrombie! I actually think you could find an equally or even better outfit at a vintage or thrift store!

I hope you take this to heart, and can appreciate other people’s fashion beyond the label on their back!